By troytheshinigami
#81410 TroyTheShinigami Ghost Type Gym
it took a while to make I hope you like it
(note their are 5 command blocks but they are all under trapdoors, 3 on the lower floor and 2 in the tower)

Download link: ...

Frontal Veiw.png
Front veiw

Gym Side veiw.png
side veiw

House of memory.png
the lower floor, might be some loot :)

the spirit lantern, the gyms main purpose is to help guide lost spirits

The Labyrinth.png
The Labyrinth

Thanks for looking :)

By Fire-Misty
#88997 I have made a water gym, hope you like it! :)
/Users/kaitlynn/Desktop/2013-11-16_21.42.01.png /Users/kaitlynn/Desktop/2013-11-16_21.42.51.png /Users/kaitlynn/Desktop/2013-11-16_21.42.22.png

Here is the link: ...