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Mythos Pixelmon!

PostPosted: 06 Apr 2024 21:10
by Tacticalslayer
Mythos Pixelmon is a growing community of players who are looking for a more traditional Pokemon experience. With our player driven economy, you can find your niche to become the servers next richest player. Join us for your go-to Pokemon experience.

Server Information!


IP Address:

Server Features
Guild Pokemon Wars
Guild Tournaments
Guild Perks (Benefits to all guild members)
Massive Custom Built Safari Zone
Mythos Pixelmon Unique Safari Mechanics
9 NPC Gyms - 9 Player Gyms - E4
Become the server champion for unique rewards
Giant 30 Player Custom Raids
Work together as a server to take down legendary raid bosses with top 5 players getting unique rewards and the entire server being rewarded if you're able to kill it!
Auction House
Auction your pokemon and items to the highest bidder
Design your own Type Changed or Retextured Pokemon
Meet with our admin and artists to design, create, and insert your custom retextures and type changed pokemon into our server