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By 23cowboys
#205496 I've been actively playing on Pixelmon Galaxy nearly every day for a couple of months now, and I can proudly say without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best Minecraft server I have ever played on. I have never played with such friendly and kind people, who go out of their way to help you have the best experience possible. If you like pokemon, you'll love this server. If you like Minecraft, you'll love this server. And if you just like to have fun with fantastic people, you will absolutely love this server!
IGN: 23cowboys
By Master16
#205514 First, this server is the most starter friendly server I have ever joined!
Second, EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE, is super friendly and the staff is always helping you if you got any questions.
This server has a good storymode that will give you a good start and its lots of fun.
There is cool tournaments and hidden treasures in spawn for those who want some fancy stuff.
This server is all in all the one for me and my friends. You should defiantly check this server out its one of the best servers out there!

By TTreven
#205597 This server is incredible, for such a small server they seem to know exactly what they are doing, how to do it, the staff are really nice, and will help you with anything. Plus the little "wb" when you log back in is always a pleasant surprise.
By LeOwl
#205598 I've been playing on this server non stop the last few weeks and im in love with it, staff is amazing and people are super welcoming, this server has a small but incredibly active community that will make you want to stay every second of your day 10/10.

-Le_Owl (aka. Jerry) ^^
By Snakeseye79
#205607 I love this server. All the staff and people on the server are friendly and helpful. I also like how the server handles shiny pokemon spawns and makes sure that they always have a chance of being caught. I would highly recommened this server to anyone who play pixelmon, either alone or with friends. Even if it's just you, there is a very high chance that you'll find someone on the server to talk to and battle. Also the staff is very active and responsive, whether it comes to helping or just chatting.
Username is Snakeseye79