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By Mario0420
#205088 Hi so I've tried this server out for a couple days now. Things I like about the server is how often I'm finding pokemon, the general chill of the server makes it nice to hang out in, and how friendly the staff are! every time I log into the server I'm always welcomed "WB". I would advise everyone to atleast try this server atleast once. They're always making new events to do as well
By Ash82009
#205090 Hey! This is ash82009 and I just want to say how much I appreciate being on the server and how the server treats the people on it. I hope to be apart of the gyms in the future and play regularly. This has been the most fun ive had playing pixelmon in a very long time.
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By KhaleesiSpence
#205133 This server is so cute and has the friendliest people on there! It offfers a variety of cool activities that bring the pokemon world into minecraft. You can play with your friends, and its a close nit community!
By Flarzeyy
#205136 I was invited to this server by a friend. Honestly, I thought I wasn't gonna have much fun however I been on the server nearly everyday grinding or just hanging out with the community. The community is extremely chill and my favorite helper Lisa is always on giving me free pokemons :)
By MeepsSin
#205140 Hey I'm kinda new to this server and honestly you will never find such a fun server to play on. Everyone is really chill and the staff are really cool. The server doesn't lag for me at all and its just really fun to talk to people and get to know them a bit. :-D
By CyseKasemoni
#205141 So I've been on the server for about a week or two consistently. The community on this game is very friendly and paired up with the events (tournaments and drop parties) is really where the game shines and why I still play. I'm a shiny hunter and the spawn rates (albeit low but still possible) of Pokemon makes this game really enjoyable. The crates (common and all) are one of the reasons I play consistently in hopes of completing a shiny dex. Pets are nice (I got a mooshroom) but nothing too extreme. The gyms are still in the works so not much about it (story mode works fine though) and I haven't done much regarding the elite four so not comment. Overall, the server is pretty fun, people are nice and supportive and the mods are nice enough to be active with the community.