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Obscure Obsidian | Adventure | No P2W | Custom Plugins

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2019 14:37
by JeanMarc1
Hello, welcome to Pixelmon Obscure Obsidian!

This is the modpack's main the menu. The stats follow your progress on the server.

Pixelmon Obscure Obsidian is an adventure server that takes place in the new region of Marden. The Marden region is known for its many touristic areas. Because of this, the region's economy is vastly dependent on its tourists.

This is Waterlil Lake, the town you've grown in. Your town has lived off rich tourists, who have been renting villas and yachts. The past few years, however, fewer tourists have been visiting. Worried about the danger to their livelihoods, the townspeople thought of a plan to revive their economy, and it involves you going on a pokémon journey. How will you save Waterlil Lake?

Pixelmon-focused backpacks:
Tired of carrying TMs in your inventory, and running out of space quickly? Tired of adventure servers quickly taking your inventory space with their quest items? Do not worry, as we have taken care of those issues, with our custom backpack.

Immersive music system:
I could go into details, but they say a picture is a 1000 words, so what about a video?

Difficulty modes:
Are you tired of the main story games being too easy? We've added a hard mode, that aims to make the game more challenging for more exprienced battlers. Don't want to deal with that and enjoy a more faithful difficulty to the originals? Go with normal mode, and enjoy the server your way!

Shiny hunting:
We've added chains that allow you to shiny hunt, and easily keep track of your chains!

Interested? Our beta starts on November 22nd!
Apply for beta, and our different staff positions here:
Join our discord here:

See you guys in Marden!