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PixelRealms | Reforged 7.0.7 | 6+ setup gyms | Running 24/7

PostPosted: 08 Sep 2019 14:28
by MaxIsH0t
How to install: ... n-reforged

Pixelrealms - One of the most greatest pixelmon reforged servers that have been recently released with so much unique content and builds. We took our server serious and made sure each area for each gym had their own huge town as well as the actual gym which each one has a unique build for. Same with our spawn and all of our features we have on the server. Some of it is custom and some of it is what players request like /wt and more! Come check us out today for an awesome experience that you will never experience on a pixelmon reforged server! (Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.7)

5+ very well setup gyms, Custom content like Perfect IV's, VoteShop, Pixelmon Unbreed, Gambling and much more, EV Training, Vote Parties & Friendly community & staff, All builds are custom and made by our team!


Perm Discord Link: