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By Glenot
#204391 IP:

Heavenly Pixelmon is a 24/7 pixelmon server that runs reforged 7.0.6.

We host events almost every other day! Each event is custom, and most of them are team based!
Build your own town, or join another one, and start you adventure with a bunch of friends in this community! Buy and upgrade buildings to get extra perks for the town, start a team and enter 2v2 tournaments, lay siege to gyms and the towns that surround them (metaphorically ofc) or show off your builds with our town building contests!

This is has NO Pay 2 Win features, and is not an "OP" pixelmon server. We are very lax and don't control your every move or limit your creativity with your town, just follow the rules and get your adventure started!


By Sammich9
#204392 I'm a huge fan of Heavenly Pixelmon! It somehow retains the best qualities of both Minecraft and Pokemon. It has a survival and build aspect, but retains the excitement of Pokemon gyms, competition and battling. Player-run towns are unique here as there is always an incentive to grow as a community!
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By Lucavi
#204408 Been a member of the community for a very long time, but this server is my favorite by far. It's got a really great town and team system that allows for some pretty unique growth and competition. The staff are really good about responding to and correcting issues. The player base is pretty friendly, and we already have quite a few players from time-zones around the world. It doesn't have an insane amount of bells and whistles, but that is incredibly appealing to me. It's a pure server that allows the players to build the experience instead of flooding the server with over-the-top freebies and too much clutter with add-ons. It has just enough to make the server incredibly enjoyable and fun. : D