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Coolax Pixelmon |7.0.6| FREE Crates||Safari||Gyms||Tourneys|

PostPosted: 30 May 2019 22:43
by Coolaxgamingbusiness

|Teams| |Free Rank giveaways| |NEED STAFF| |Shiny Giveaways| |True to the games|

The newest server to the Coolax-Gaming network! Join now to experience a TON of content, great staff, and a lot to do! You will not get bored easily. We have a lot of plugins, builds, events, and most importantly, giveaways!

Coolax-Gaming is always running the latest version of Pixelmon Reforged, and has an incredible uptime, meaning you will always be able to play the latest content! We have YouTubers making videos, and people jumping over to play on our server from other modpacks such as Attack of The B-Team and The 1.7.10 Pack.

Join Discord and check the announcement page to see if you can win a free rank, or shiny pokemon!

Discord Info:

Re: Coolax Pixelmon |7.0.6| FREE Crates||Safari||Gyms||Tourn

PostPosted: 30 May 2019 23:10
by PastelTarts
Upon playing on the Coolax Pixelmon server, I can definitely recommend this to other players who are looking for a relaxing, not overly busy server. The staff are friendly, transparent and do their upmost best to ensure that all players enjoy their stay on the server.

The players themselves have been friendly and welcoming to those who join, especially during server events such as tournaments. When staff host an event, there is no bickering or arguing when players lose to a battle as I have seen in other places.

The events hosted on the server are fun, eye grabbing and the prizes are also fair and cool. Crates and daily loot has given me some cool and helpful items as well, sometimes within the crates, I would get keys to bigger crates so the cycle can continue of getting cool shiny pokemon or better loot!

I love playing on here and I would love for other people to come join me on here. I look forward to meeting new people! :D Also, join their discord too! That is where they host announcements and what not for server events. :P