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By LadyVolcarona
#161347 PIXELPALS!

PixelPals, a server by friends, for friends!



Heya friends, and welcome to PixelPals!
We are a brand new server mainly focused on friendship and fun and competitive play! :-D


But what do we have to offer, you would ask?
Here's a few things:


A Friendly Community
Dedicated and Helpful Staff
Legend Spawns are Enabled
Apricorn Planting is Disabled to Reduce Lag (But Can be Bought for a Low In-Game Currency Price)
Real Survival World (Have to Eat and Can Die)
Keep Inventory is ON
Fire Spread is OFF
World Guard and Grief Prevention
Drop Parties and Giveaway Events (WIP)
Holiday Events (WIP)


An EV Training Center and Super Training Center for an Easy Access to Competitive Play
A Unique Multi-Typed Gym System (All 17 Types in 8 Gyms, 4 lvl50 Warp-able Gyms and 4 lvl100 Hidden Gyms)
Player Gyms are Allowed and Encouraged!
A Multi-Floored Massive Battle Arena
Ranch Blocks are Enabled
Breeding and Hatching Commands
/evs /ivs and /hiddenpower
A Massive AFK Pool for Hatching Eggs


A Pokemart at Spawn
Boss Shop
Affordable Donation Store (WIP)
A Daily Food Kit
Crops Auto-Replanting
Auto-Crafting Droppers
A Farmer's Market at Spawn
(Free Food Giveaway)
Marriage Plugin and a Wedding Chapel at Spawn
Easy Access to Pokecenters at Spawn and EV Training Center
Custom Craftable Pixelmon Items
Custom Rideable Pixelmons

And Lots More Coming Up!

So Hurry Up and Come be a PAL!

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By greenfreak7
#161525 hey, be sure to join our sever, PixelPals we're all about being friendly, gotta question ask it, we are more then willing to help in any way we can,(without giving away advatage) we also have alot of personal content, and here is a video of some of it, [youtube]5uwr3KVzPVk[/youtube]
hope to see you online!
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By LadyVolcarona
#161685 Heya friends! Check out these cool intro videos our Pals made us! :-D

Intro to PixelPals:

Episode 1 - Auto Farming and Crafting on PixelPals

Episode 2 - Custom Crafting Recipes on PixelPals

Episode 3 - Ranks on PixelPals

Episode 4 - Welcome to PixelPals
By Nate5077n
#162001 Pixelmon is better with friends, and this server is dedicated towards that in a very competitive fashion. You can actually challenge your friends and race for all the gym badges and feel accomplished for doing so. The staff are nice people and gyms are unique yet difficult and need a bit though in order to beat, definitely the type of server for the competitive.
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By LadyVolcarona
#162108 Heya friends!

Halloween's coming up fast and we're getting ready for it!

We already have tons of events for it to the calendar, but could use a few more suggestions!

From tournaments and drop parties to a trick or treat event, without forgetting haunted houses and a Halloween skin competition, I think everyone will find their fill of enjoyment!

So hurry up, grab your Buddies and come be a Halloween Pal!