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By MoeBoy76
#159923 Image
(logo by RubenVzla)

Thread for the official Pixelmon beta testing servers. The servers are hosted by and have been donated by our sponsor Nodecraft!


Notice: For server updates, make sure to check our Discord.



Beta 1 is currently running the Pixelmon TCG beta, and Beta 2 is currently being used intermittently for Safari Games testing. Do note that Beta 2 is not always up, check our Discord for notifications when it is! Due to the nature of the servers being used for beta tests, they may go down without warning.

5.0.3 TCG IP -
5.0.3 SG IP -

Required mods for the servers:

Beta 1 - Pixelmon 5.0.3, TCG 1.0.0-beta2
Beta 2 - Pixelmon 5.0.3

Beta 1 is running a standard set of user commands, such as /rtp, /home, etc.

Please report any issues or crashes that occur so we may work towards fixing the problem!

Bans are non-negotiable, as per Discord rules.

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By Lithra
#160141 I checked out the server beta2, it has had up to at least 8 players on it. It all seems like a good start but protection is needed. Players are making their homes and other players come along and grief it, like spawn. All in all I believe this will be a good start for the new update. :-D
By MamaCatGaming
#160171 this server is very fun and has a bunch of beautiful pixel art right at spawn, most of the players are really friendly and kind, you can even build your own gym and towns, even tho you can't be a gym leader until 8 gyms are chosen to be the servers gyms, can't wait to play some more
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By MoeBoy76
ShadowsEcho wrote:Why isn't the server up? We of the shadows would like to play.

there's a problem with apricorns generating, it seems to be a problem with one of the plugins i added yesterday, be patient and the problem should be fixed permanently soon :-)
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By MoeBoy76
GhoZt9 wrote:Im unable to join, everytime I try, I just crash, is there something im missing? im on pixelmon 4.0.7 and have been able to join other 4.0.7 servers

the console had an error (Internal Exception: Connection reset by peer) that means you were disconnected because of a connection error so that means your internet connection is the issue
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By hanamura
#160324 Currently the only one on the nuzlocke server, and I'm unable to use the pc/healer (it won't open the menu on right click), nor do I have permission for warps. o: Other than that though, everything else runs smoothly!

It's actually running smoother than my single player game for some reason or another, aha. I'd love to play on this server full time if more people would play. :p