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By KyoSohma
Welcome to Pixelheim a survival server with a custom pixpack! This server also delves on the side of adventure, due to the fact that players can make towns and once the towns get approved, they can have their very own gym! Not only that, but we will also be having Events every weekend, and at every milestone, such as for every new group 10 players who aren't staff, that are on the server we will have an event! Our events range from hidden shiny pokemon, to drops parties, to even tournaments! We are also in development of many new events and minigames. Due to there being a pixpack, you will never be bored again! The pixpack even features a voice chat mod the is based on distance! for example even if someone doesn't have a mic, they can still hear you and are able to reply in chat, however if you get 50 blocks away, you will sound quieter, and at 100 blocks away, you can be completely silent to the other players! There are lots custom biomes to behold and custom spawns set for each, and more pokemon are added to the list everyday! We also have many mysteries to behold with our own custom story that will be introduced in the weeks to come! The best part about you guys, the players, building towns is that once its approved it may be added to the story, and may even benefit the server with perhaps a legendary being added to the story, but the best part about building a town is that you will have shops close to home and won't have to constantly warp back to spawn! We will also be setting up music NPCs at taverns for music to be played, we will also be taking request for what songs on our forums!

The server is forever expanding and the pixpack even improves the experience, especially when you don't have to manually install all those dreaded mods. If you would like to go to our website you can visit The website has all the info you will need for everything.

If you would like a direct link to the Pixpack you can go to all you need other than that is the pixelmon launcher which you can get from the downloads section above.


If you have any trouble joining feel free to pm me, and remember you must run the pixpack, not put it in your mods folder, if you have any questions you can also head over to the website and I will personally be happy to help with any problems.

EDIT - I have noticed the problem when the pixpack installs, trying to fix that now, A way around the broken pixpack atm is to open it with winrar or 7-zip and put the mods located in it in the mods folder, with this method you do not need the launcher
Last bumped by KyoSohma on 08 Mar 2015 10:09.