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By PixelmonTimeAndSpace
#147847 Hello, and Welcome to Pixelmon Time & Space!!!

My Name is Morne_0f_Caex, and as you can tell from the title, I'm making a Pixelmon Adventure server! It's been about a half a year since the popular Pixelmon Iron&Coal shut down, and I figured its time to give back a place where u can Journey through a vast, and original region, and where u can make new friends, to the Pixelmon Community. If you Aren't Familiar with the Iron&Coal Server, It was a Pixelmon Server consisting of 3 main servers; The Hub, The Adventure, and The Survival. The server had some unique, and original features.

My Plan is to make a Advanced, and Friendly Community for Pixelmon Players to enjoy and mingle with others while experiencing the true nature of Pokemon in Minecraft. Right now We are focusing on the adventure server, to bring a fresh experience to you guys. We Are Still in early development and we need lots of staff!

Without to many spoilers, You'll recognize the regions diverse population, culture, and also... Different time periods. Has it always been like this?!?!?! Or is this the work of so corrupt mastermind?

We need A TON of Staff From Builders to Techies. Heres a list of what we are looking for:

  • Builders:
This ones Pretty much self explanatory. The Builders Will provide the visual structure of the server along with providing a base for the story to be built around. There are 2 teams of builders: Team A(Exterior) and Team B(Interior). Builders Require an application found here:
Or here:
====Pixelmon Time&Space Version Builder Application====
Time zone:
Server History(Any servers you've worked for):
How would the team Benefit from picking you:
Why are you interested in being a builder:

In this section I will ask you to provide visuals of your talent

A House:
A Large Scale Building:
2 things free to choose:

  • StoryWriter:
The Story Writers will provide a original story around the base the builders have provided for them. The Story Writers will Be working with Custom NPCs, and are required to know who to use them. We will teach u if u don't know how. Story Writers require an application found here:
or here:
====Pixelmon Time&Space Version StoryWriter Application====
Time zone:
How would the team Benefit from picking you:
Why are you interested in being a StoryWriter:

In this section I will ask you to provide visuals of your talent

Plz Provide an Example of your ability to Write and make stories:

  • Graphics:
The Graphics team Will be providing a Resource pack for the server along with what else kind of graphic pieces u wish to provide for us. We will need skins made, music imported for CNPCS, and New item sprites. Graphics Require an App found here:
Or here:
====Pixelmon Time&Space Version Graphic Team Application====
Time zone:
What kind of graphics do you like to make:
How would the team Benefit from picking you:
Why are you interested in being a Graphic Designer:

In this section I will ask you to provide visuals of your talent

2 or more Graphics(and/or Pictures) you've made:
Larger Graphic you've made:

  • Techies:
The "Techies" will help the server develop plugins to run along side pixelmon, and also do what techies do best ;) Techies do not require an application all u have to do is leave your Skype name on this fourm or on our website.

One last and final thing with apps is that it would help the server and your application if you spread the word about us! ;)
You can find our website here:

There is no planned release date for the server because I want to get it done right and be able to include all the feature I have planned, and not have to release with a teaser for a feature everyone expected *Cough *Cough Battle Frontier in ORAS *Cough *Cough
Well, I look forward to working with you guys and any support would be appreciated.