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By eSparkles
#147230 Hello razil89,

I think there's some misunderstanding here, firstly, i would never beg or recruit builder from another server. The purpose of this thread is actually for that, secondly. I have my own team of builders, i do not have to go to other servers to recruit or beg for builders. And lastly, i have my own network/server, there's no need for me to enter anyone's server. You might mistaken me for someone else, as people are actually able to change their minecraft username now, someone might have used my previous name.

Thank you.

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By rezail89
#147347 Hello eSparkles,

I was just advised you were trying to recruit/beg my builders from my server to come and build for you. Please do not do this, its disrespectful. I have worked very hard to make it to where i am so far. If i find out it is happening again i will have no choice but to ban you from the server and i really do not want to do that.

I wish you the best of luck with yours, I am sure it will be very popular.

Thank you,
By eSparkles
#147358 Hi rezali89,

There might be some misunderstandings here, firstly. I have my own build teams, i do not have to go to other servers to recruit or beg for builders. Secondly, i own my own network/server, there's no need and there's no reason for me to go to other servers. Lastly, people are now able to change minecraft names, someone might have change their name to something like mine.