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By Vinu
#144484 Hey!
We are a bunch of staff from the closed LittleLizardPixelmon server. What we did ( With permission to use the map) Was re-building it and giving it more of a fresh look :)
We have made it so all Pokemon spawn ( Not some Legends as these will be avaliable trough events) and have events + Tourneys going on!
If you wanna check us out our Forum Url is
or you can jin using our IP wich is :D

We are having the ability for you to get donor ranks with earning points InGame by playing alot! With these you can reedem either a shiny Convert or a Shiny Lucky Dip in our store!
This means by palying you can earn things normally is just for donors! Sick right?
We are having weekly Tornements + Events so players are keeping interest ( DO NOTICE: Not everything is working properly yet because we are still in a "Ooen Beata" but it will most likely be finished soon)

Hope to see you on there!

By Denis229
#144512 The littleizard youtuber series on this map was very popular, they released a server but unfortunately it shut down. So we got permission from the map creator we could make the server. And I must say it is absolutely brilliant , It has a lot of improvements from the original map including mini-games and events, also we have included a lot of other players suggestions in the map. I highly recommend this server for anyone looking to enjoy themselves.
By Denis229
#144555 The servers are on 3.3.8 which is currently the latest version of pixelmon, it also says this on the website. Enjoy everyone!
By Denis229
#145237 Recently map cot corrupted, but i am happy to say we have rebuilt everything bigger and better than before! with more exiting events to do! every single pixelmon spawns on the island, it is now with updated biomes and is looking amazing! so come on and enjoy your shiny starter!