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By Scarabyte
#165617 Current Events on JC!
  • The E4 members for gen 5 have been decided and construction has begun!
  • Christmas town will be opening soon!
  • For the rest of December all starters are shiny and the shiny spawn rate is increased!

Please be sure to check out our website for more information on E4 and other events!

By Scarabyte
#166128 Current Events on JC!
  • Christmas has passed, but Christmas town will still be open for a few days!
  • Any starters given for the last few days of the month will be shiny! Don't miss your chance to get a shiny starter
  • An entirely new questing location called The Hunting Guild will be opening soon!
By Scarabyte
#167176 Current Events on JC!
  • Ho-oh will soon be obtainable in game!
  • New grinding areas for Moltres and Articuno, along with Porygon-Z have been added!
  • New Starting tutorials have been added around the map!
By Vikerus
#178507 I need an angel donor to keep the server up, The machine is paid for but the domain is almost up. $50 would make the biggest difference right now.

Paypal: ... F7CZNFMLQW
Donor site without anything configured yet:

I hope old players coming back can forgive the lost time and saves... But I'm back for good again and looking to give Survival mode a try.
By Vikerus

Help me figure out if I should change to Adventure or keep the server on Survival!
Thanks Everyone, have an awesome day!
By Vikerus
#179934 From the looks of the twitter poll, thanks to the 20 who voted so far!
I'll be changing back to adventure mode and will begin building a proper map to play on.
Moving to the new beta too ^-^

(Also still really need some help to fund the domain, it's 50 dollars to buy another year on with godaddy... If anyone can help chip in that would be awesome!)

Paypal: ... F7CZNFMLQW
Donor site:
By GamerRobot99
#180039 Hey Vik (and whatever Justiscraft members are lurking),
My name is GamerRobot99 and I am a member of justiscraft from quite a while ago. It filled me with joy to see that this server is coming back (if all goes well). I wanted to pop onto this forum to say hello. I used to be a psychic gym leader on the previous server and that was something that I enjoyed massively. I would love a role in the new server so here is my gym leader application (ah the good all days)

InGameName : GamerRobot99
Your Gym(s) preference : Any to be honest, I would just really like a role in the returning server. If a specified type is needed then Psychic,electric or Ice

How often do you login and for how long? : Well the server isn't active as of now but I used to log in for around 4 hours(spaced out) every day.
How long have you played Pixelmon? : Ever since 2.0 I do believe
Rate your typing skill 1-10 : 7
Have you ever been banned on Justiscraft? : Never, I was upset when the server was down normally, a ban would be devastating.
How long have you played here at Justiscraft? : I was an active player for around 4-6 months.
Why should you be considered for Gym Leader? : I generally just want to help out with the revival of Justiscraft and if any other bits and pieces are needed of me then I am happy to assist with whatever is needed.