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By Vikerus
#153723 This Pixelmon Adventure Server is now running version 3.4
:) Took a while. Join the server, if you've stuck to 3.4 then there is a lot for you to see :D

By Vikerus
#153970 I've seen a lot of news posts about Pixelmon going up recently. Decided to make up a nice clean blog post for the occasion:
By Vikerus
#156112 Hello all.
Vikerus here! I've been coding on our new website like a mad man for the last few days. In that time some really important updates have arrived. First is the new Article section on our community front page: This is where all our updates will be shown from now on.
Comments have been updated to run on an Ajax system so as soon as a comment is submitted it's read back out for you with any other new comments without a page reload. Which is quite nice C: Not quite instant messaging but very close!
Profiles are still be designed and input as to how they should work is warmly welcomed!

If you're thinking of joining a new server community for the summer, give us a join. We're here to please and progress!

I'd also like to invite people to join the beta server for the latest version of pixelmon at or just leave a comment here or on our site if it crashes.
By Vikerus
#159587 <pokes head in to see what's up>

Hi, fixing the site. Thought last update was all good... better check twice next time. Most things are working now. Come join the community!
By Vikerus
#159892 If I get at least 10 comments by 10 different users on our new blog update, I'll give out a coupon code for $5 off in the donor area.
Just read the post and leave a comment, you'll help me test my software and unlock some free stuff for the community in the process. Win- Win!
By Vikerus
#162597 Still Alive! 16 Staff members and open for more. Sign-ups on the forum.

Our server has recently gone through more intensive updates, the most recent can be seen on the front page
For now the exchange will be closed while it is made user friendly and polished off security wise. Thanks to everyone who helped test in beta phase! Over 150 people signed up for gamer accounts =o

Starting from now on if you play on justiscraft and leave a comment here on our post you can redeem your efforts by telling a staff member to look at it for a prize! Official referral processes are being developed but still not quite ready.

Tell us what you think of the server:
By GamerRobot99
#162718 I can certainly vouch for this servers reliability. I have been active for almost 2 weeks now and it has not been down once. The staff are great, though I do not know too many yet I can certainly vouch for the ones that I know are great (Demo,Matt,Kurai,Cassie,Valkyrie). Aswell as said topics, the server is a refreshing change from survival pixelmon to a relaxed pure style of pokemon play. I highly recommend this server to any of you budding pixelmon players.