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By TheOnlyAshley
#149883 This is really a great server. Not even trying to sound cheesy, it just is. I love it and I'm currently a ranger among this server giving me the ability to be the gym leader for 3 gyms, without paying a dime. It is a simple, fun and really creative way of playing pixelmon and I really enjoy it.


By Snigfried
#150129 I've played on countless pixelmon servers throughout my years of playing minecraft, and this is by far the absolute best one on the market. The ammount of dedication and pure content on the server is astounding; there's always something to do. The wonderful staff has added countless original features that add up with the mod wonderfully. If you seek a competitive pixelmod scene or just want to take it easy and grind, justiscraft is the most fun place to do it at.
By Vikerus
#151507 I'm back from my wisdom tooth recovery, still in pain though :(
The website is going to get a new look and the forum will probably get a few more tweaks too. People give my blog a follow? I post a lot of different things there from community plans to random ramblings.
By Vikerus
#152821 Justiscraft is going through a bit of a make over. And a special feature is fast on its way as promised a while back ;) - New Site :D
By Vikerus
#153117 New Donation shop style. :
New Activity page. :
New Steam Group. :

Summer is on its way. And we are getting ready! Come see what's new c:
We are on version 3.3.8, be sure to get it before you join.
By Vikerus
#153683 Guess what? I made up a play around server for everyone wanting to play on 4.0.3!
It's even a sponge server :)

Join with Pixelmon 4.0.3 @
The update is awesome and I can't wait to be able to update our main server to it! Cheers!