By Tsev92
#7654 Welcome to Pixelmon Legacy!
(map by MrRyAn123)

PL is my attempt at combining two things that I absolutely love- Pokemon and Role playing. I have no idea how successful this project will be, but I believe in it and I am willing to give it a shot! Being a role-playing server, you are are expected to be in character while playing. I invite anyone new or old to either pokemon or RP to give it a shot and join in on the fun!

The Lore:

...Three months to the day had now gone by. For those safely confined to the small sea-side town of Pallet, all they could do was wait for any word of what had taken place beyond the gate. Nobody knew for sure what it was that darkened the skies of Kanto that day, all that is known is that it devoured all it could find, human and pokemon alike. The Gym Leaders fell, presumably dead, and the Pokemon League dissolved, scattered to the wind.

Despite their desperate pleads, the neighboring region of Johto did nothing. They stayed in their homes and kept warm as hope fleeted from the hearts of their neighbors. In the middle of chaos, however, you heard whispers of a rumor... that Pallet Town had somehow managed to avoid the terror's wrath. All who were there... were safe.

How you managed to even make it here alive is a miracle to you, but indeed you were still breathing. A few scouts have gone out over the past few weeks... and none have yet to return. The people of Pallet and the refugees who now reside there are getting anxious. What is going on outside of their small refuge?

Maybe.... It's time to find out.

Required Mods:

Pixelmon 2.0
(visit for download and instillation instructions!)

Custom NPCs


Please visit the MC forums for screenshots and to apply! ... antojohto/

By LightAdept
#7658 Can we get a preview of the map? I love the storyline, even if it is a little dark, that just means its a mature server. I'll Play if you want me. I've RPed before, but never really got hardcore into it, But who knows, maybe this time, since pokemon is involved, i will.

IGN: LightAdept
By Tsev92
#7683 Keep in mind everyone that there is an actual app you need to fill out on the MC forums (link is in the OP.) It is a little lengthy (requires backstory and a few in character responses) but it is to ensure that a good quality of players get accepted.
By Tsev92
captainwaffelz wrote:Ywah....i dont like using a curse acc, anyway i could just apply here?

*sigh* I really didn't want to micromanage two different threads, I suppose you can post apps here, if you so choose. 8-)