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By DanniDorrito
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#1 Minecraft Pixelmon Server 3.0.4
(Scroll to the bottom to see how you can win a Donation Rank!)


To join, you must have Forge and the Pixelmon Mod installed (Version 3.0.4)

About PokeMC:
Our server is based around the Pixelmon Mod: which is Pokemon in Minecraft. We have a hub which leads to two different servers, and also shows the ones we have planned.
Kanto Region Server
Kanto spawn is based on the Pokemon Red/Blue Kanto Region and the gameplay is created to give you a Pokemon experience as close to the original Pokemon games as possible but with a Minecraft twist! The world is 10,000 x 10,000 and spawn itself is 5000 x 3000, which contains 10 towns/cities. Every player starts off in Pallet Town and is given $3,000 PokeCoins and a Trainer Beginner Kit to help you begin your journey. Exploring spawn will unlock new warps and finding Found Item! signs gives you free items along the way, you can rent a home or market in most towns/cities and enjoy all the features spawn provides; Or if you prefer, you can use the warp to get out of spawn and create your own home/town and be able to protect it against griefing.
Planet Pixelmon Server
Planet Pixelmon is not specifically based on any Pokemon game, more rather it is a life-size recreation of earth which brings to life playing pokemon and creating a town you love or live in! The world is 16,000 x 32,000 and spawn itself is around 500 x 500 which contains market places, stores, casino, player homes, and gyms are planned to be implemented soon too. Every player starts off in Spawn Town and is given $3,000 PokeCoins and a Trainer Beginner Kit to help you begin your journey. Exploring spawn will uncover hidden secrets and a multitude of strong pokemon, their levels vary from lvl5 to lvl95 depending on the area you are in. Also extremely rare pokemon which do not spawn naturally (Such as porygon) have a small chance to appear! You can rent a home or market inside spawn and enjoy all the features spawn provides; Or if you prefer, you can use the warp to get out of spawn and create your own home/town and be able to protect it against griefing.


Server Features:
    Server online 24/7 - 99.5% up-time.
    Rules and moderated server.
    200+ slots.
    10,000 x 10,000 Kanto World.
    16,000 x 32,000 Planet Pixelmon World.
    Mature, experienced and active staff.
    All players start with $3,000 PokéCoins and a Beginner Kit!
    Kanto: Free items hidden across spawn, find the “Found Item!” signs!
    PlanetPixelmon: Over 20 Pokemon Spawners hidden around spawn!
    99% Grief Free.
    Blocks/region protection.
    Live Server Maps on the forums
    Map shows you spawn, border and players regions outside of spawn!
    Multiple marketplaces with shop plugin.
    Rentable spawn homes.
    Player Billboards and Auctions.
    PlanetPixelmon: Casino with Server Lottery and Slot Machines!
    Numerous cities and towns.
    Warps and homes commands.
    Kanto: Additional warps given when you explore spawn and reach ‘Checkpoints’.
    Regular events with amazing prizes, including rare items, shiny pokemon and donation ranks!
    Always updated and improved.

Gym Leader Application: ... um/3389078
Moderator Application: ... um/3389077
Guides: ... um/3443853


If you have any questions, please post them below (or on our website forums)!
Thanks for reading, enjoy!

You can get yourself a free donation rank on the server of your choosing! (Worth $4.99)
** Please go to and complete all 4 server reviews. **

Please copy/paste this text below and fill it out!
Code: Select allIngame Minecraft Username:
Chosen Server (Kanto or PlanetPixelmon):
What do you think about PokeMC? (50 words or more):

Only one rank is given per player on one server only.
The rank cant move to another server once a server is chosen
The rank cant be transferred to another player.
Server review must be 50 words or more, can post anything about PokeMC (I.E. suggestions, first impressions, thoughts, ideas).
Ranks are given out manually so please be patient, it may take up to 1 week for staff to check over all applications.
You are given the rank once all 4 server reviews have been completed.

This Rank Contains:
[Trainer] Prefix Ingame (In yellow)
Any chosen starter Pokémon lvl5 -
Charmander / Cyndaquil / Torchic / Chimchar / Tepig
Bulbasaur / Chikorita / Treecko / Turtwig / Snivy
Squirtle / Totodile / Mudkip / Piplup / Oshawott
x16 Pokeballs
x16 Potions
$5,000 Ingame Cash
BONUS x5 Rare Candy

--- /kit Trainer --- {5 day cooldown} --- Re-usable!!! ---
x16 Apples (Named PokeNoms)
x1 Full Armor (Leather)
x1 Full Tools (Stone)
x1 Iron Hammer

Extra Perks/Commands:
An ingame broadcast to notify your purchase was completed.
Reserved Slot Ingame
x3 Set Homes (/sethome)
Can check your Pokemons EVs (/evs)
Can check your Pokemons IVs (/ivs)
Can check your Pokemons Hidden Power (/hiddenpower)
Can create colored signs
Forum tag - Trainer

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By DanniDorrito
#88653 Had 36 players win a donation rank now :) Still 64 to give away!
Also over 60 people have joined the forums in less than a day, great news!

We have had average around 10 people online at any time and we peaked to 20 players, for a new server this is great :) x
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By DanniDorrito
#88828 33 online, cant believe how big it is for such a new server. Already given out 61 ranks and have only 39 left!

We have 111 people already joined to the forums and 380 unique logins to the server :)
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By DanniDorrito
#90175 259 Joined to the website
Over 60 online in peak times
Over 10 online outside peak times (Usually around 20)
1340 Unique Logins
Almost 1000 views on planet minecraft ... erver-252/
15 Players have won Novembers Monthly competition so far (Some of them have won more than once!)

Custom gym plugin is being worked on, all spawn cities are being renovated and gyms will open as soon as each city is done :)
Houses and markets will be up for rent soon.

15 adult staff members, all mature and friendly ^_^

Not bad for being open 10 days :) Wait until you see christmas competitions
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By DanniDorrito
#91730 Updated the server to 2.5.5
Updated the monthly capture competition!

Congratulations to all of Novembers Capture Competition Winners!

Main Prize Winners:
1. zomagoras
Runner Up Prize Winners:
1. zomagoras (x7)
2. ArmiferaMortalis
3. darbydog33 (x2)
4. Deckz
5. jonothug13 (x3)
6. Gamegorestudios1 (x3)
7. Hazardless
8. Airinor
9. AimeeApple
10. Fufius
11. EVILfaizanghani
12. PorkChopPiggy
13. Airinor (x2)
14. Dooda14 (x2)
15. Toast_is_boss
16. Zyga21
17. ScreamingCereal (x2)
18. meganweisner
19. Murder_Goat
20. Grrazzlle
21. Leadassassin2
22. iMattDamon
23. Porksterr (x2)
24. MysticUnseen
25. Crispin38 (x2)
26. pielover1313 (x4)

[center]Also, a huge congratulations to our top voters!