By Karl2097
#87751 This is a simple server. We have a great staff and this is a 24/7 server so don't worry. When you first join your rank is [Newbie]. When you get your starter to level 25 ask a Staff Member to promote you to [Trainer].

Main Staff:

Owner: Karl2097

Co-Owner: zoblg2422
Admin: druffles

Gymleader Applications are closed.


Rock Gymleader: Godrick552
Gym Level Cap: 1-15

Water Gymleader: stealthbuilder1
Gym Level Cap: 20-25

Electric Gymleader: LOCOMONKEY98
Gym Level Cap: 30-35

Grass Gymleader: eeee126
Gym Level Cap: 40-45

Poison Gymleader: ZDgamer5
Gym Level Cap: 50-55

Psychic Gymleader: xXDOMOXxPlaysMC
Gym Level Cap: 60-65

Fire Gymleader: FlashBash21
Gym Level Cap: 70-75

Ground Gymleader: alfa_zombie
Gym Level Cap: 80-85

Elite Four Members:

Ice Elite Four: RedSnivy13
Cap: 90-95

Fighting Elite Four: DeinoSawrs
Cap: 90-95

Ghost Elite Four: spyro12348
Cap: 90-95

Dragon Elite Four: TunaBuna
Cap: 90-95

Website for PixelMasterCraft:

So Welcome to PixelMasterCraft!