By Uriel
#84437 Welcome, ladies and gents, to the Pixelmon Jade!
Our server NEVER Crashes!!
This is a CRACKED server. We are a fun community that has friendly players, wonderful staff, and above all: the awesome mod, Pixelmon! We offer you a survival server with the latest version of Pixelmon. We are steadily growing and looking for new players to join our friends in this epic adventure. Before you get into gear and enter our server, we must warn you about a few things.

Current Pixelmon Version : 2.5.7

1. We require that you have the Pixelmon mod, which is the base of our server.

2. When you log onto the server for the first time, you may crash. However, you need not fear that this will happen again and again. Simply log in again and go receive your starter.

3. We do not tolerate anyone who just decides to advertise their mouths off. This server is for you to enjoy, not to be a killjoy for everybody.

4. We have factions. We urge you to make them in order to protect your land with /f claim. However, you may not take advantage of this and claim others' land.

5. Do not disrespect staff. You might enrage them. Remember, the staff members have emotions, too.

6. Respect the one with the title called [Creator] the most. He's the core of our community.

7. Do NOT use X-ray, whether it is by mod or texture pack. We are always watching you, silently.

8. No hacks please. We don't appreciate them.

9. Don't grief, force battle others, spam, or scam. It hurts other players in certain ways.

10. We have the Auction plugin to sell stuff, And also jobs to make money.

11. Our Gym Leaders and Staff are VERY Active.

12. For positions, do not ask for them on the server. That's what the server website is for: to serve your needs or wishes for positions. Apply on the forums on:

Now that you've read them (I do hope you did), we welcome you to this server. If you have any questions, please ask away on the forums or to staff members that are NOT gym leaders, should the questions be major and involve high officials by things like donations.

Current Legendaries that spawn: Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mew, Mewtwo, Rayquaza

We even have player shops now!

IP Address:

If you need help getting pixelmon, You can check our forum guides to guide you.

This server is CRACKED so Any players can join