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By Shadowsych
#15677 Guys the server got griefed! D:!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!
But I think I know who did it. The grief was caused by a Admin because no regular person could do it
that massive. And even AA said so.
And I caught some pictures of the Admin The0ther saying he did it. But than he says he didn't do it.
Here are the pictures:

Also 0ther was the only admin on when the grief happened!
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By Cesiken
#16068 We now have Galacticraft. If you are dedicated enough to still join, you get 25 rarecandies when you join!
With Galacticraft that makes us able to travel to the moon and make spacestations etc, we can make more events and stuff! (Don't say space isn't in Pokemon, you know Jirachi, right?)
By Amethyst1998
#16243 people. do not apply on here.
it will most likely get ignored.
we have fourms for that reason, and you cant come on here without joining the server and saying "oh ya i want to help out, add me *name*"
we do have staff but please apply on fourms.
By gliskor
#16587 Hey Cesiken, It's me Lemonade1337, I got banned recently, and am very upset, as you could probably understand because of my progress. Psicmoon is abusing his powers and mentally and verbally abusing me. Psicmoon is being very mean and not very responsible of his powers. He teleports me into the sky, and drops me to loopkill me whenever I spawn, he banned me for miss-clicking and hitting a dude by accident, the dude (Templar) loopkills me when I try and get him back and Psicmoon pushes the blame onto me. I really don't like him, he makes NPC's that really push the server topic off Pokemon and threatens me and my friends. I would appreciate if you told him about the matter as it is misunderstood and would kindly unban me? Thank you. And yes, I did ask that0therguy to spawn me some TMs if that helps.
By Fallout5000
#16629 Hi, I'm Fallout5000. I realized that the server is whitelisted. i would like to be whitelisted. So send me the info on whitelist and i'll answer