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By Cesiken
PKMNLiad wrote:Is it premium only? or can Cracked users enter the server?

Premium only.
Do you think I'm stupid enough to make it cracked?
Reasons I wont make it cracked is:
1: You can just login to any ops account.
2: Using cracked accounts is an illegal act, and you should be ashamed for using it. Buy Minecraft instead. If you "don't have enough money", then don't buy MC.
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By Shadowsych
#15055 I tried logging in today inside the server. It said can't reach, I joined yesterday and it worked! What is the problem? Today is 3/30/2013 in the United States Of America. At the morning, so I was wondering what you guys are trying to do, like add bukkit forge? Or something? And I joined the website just to post this reply and idk how to post replies xD.