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By VinceOrlando
Welcome to PokeClash!
Download the Pixelmon mod


Recommended Texture Pack: ...

[align=center]How to Install Forge and the Mod

We now accept Bitcoins for payments on anything for the server! Click here to take a look!


  • Rilou starters!
  • Survival and Gym combination. Fight to survive and battle at the gyms to earn badges!
  • The newest pokemon updates, more to catch, train and battle!
  • Mini games! We are always adding them for users to have fun with! This includes Parkour, paintball and spleef!
  • A donor rank which is purchasable from the website! They do come with extra perks and a kit that can be used weekly!
  • DROP PARTIES! Every Saturday or Sunday, there will be a drop party where you can pick up things that you otherwise might not be able to make or purchase!
  • We are a farming/mining based Econ!
  • Legendaries now spawn for you to catch and battle with!
  • Voting earns you a rare candy and in game money!
  • Contests and referrals for prizes!
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By VinceOrlando
urbymine wrote:you are still looking for a staff member?

Im looking for one more, mature, respectful person who can go outside of their role to help the server out. We get a decent base during the day, and we want to build upon that.

If you think you can fit that role, and help out with advertising, voting, etc. then I can look into making you staff :p
By Andrew
#81971 I'm not really that long on the server now,
But I could easily say it's a pretty nice server, Ofcourse it isn't fully created yet so is Pixelmon but yea,
You gave Pixelmon a chance didn't you? So why wouldn't you give this server a chance?!?!
There are some pretty cool stuff in the server, Example : You've seen many servers with a Custom npc Shop right?
Well we don't have that!, we offer you a sign shop which is way less buggy then Custom npcs, Including we have /bal.
So you can't complain about losing your custom npc cash. Or would you like to know to see what stats you have? It's simple just do /mcstats and a gui will display and it will show you your stats!, All I could only say is that YOU my friend, have to check this awesome server! It isn't perfect YET, but with you suggestions and the incoming updates it will.