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By Kuwoobie
#79042 PokeHeaven Johto offers Pixelmon in Minecraft online for players to log in and play together on our exclusive custom built Johto map. Players may also build houses, mine for fossils and ores, or catch pokemon at their leisure in either the survival wilderness or the Johto map itself.

Cities and Gyms are in the process of being built as we speak. Builders: Kuwoobie, jb24249, you1so, HappyGalaxy, EisenfaustCAF, AutumnxTaylor and Skycreeper1. Map layout by Tommyyellow.
Check out the map's progress and who's online here:

Players may also choose to pursue the coveted title of Champion and challenge our Pokemon League in an authentic Silver League challenge experience. Players wishing to become a Gym Leader or part of the Elite 4 may apply on our forums.

Vote every day and receive $500 in game currency and one Rare Candy per vote!




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By HappyGalaxy2
#79577 Amazing server, helpful admins, best owners that I've seen in my time playing Minecraft. I love this server, it just that that uniqueness that pulls you in and won't let you go until another server comes by made by the same owners. Keep up the good work guys!
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By GDarkfade
#79642 I've played on all the pixelmon servers off and on for a while now. I can easily say that pokeheaven has been the most fun pixelmon experience I've had thus far. The admins/mods are all extremely helpful and timely, and on the rare occasions when there are issues (such as server downtime) they always go out of their way to communicate specifically whats happening. The regular players and overall community on not only this server, but the kanto server as well are both amazing. The age range varies from younger kids (15) to older people (21+ such as my case) but the chat is always really mature, helpful, and fun to be a part of. I couldn't recommend this server enough for new pixelmon players and veterans alike.
By WobbuffetFanJb24249
Kuwoobie wrote:I am very happy to have such amazing builders. Violet City is looking amazing.

Thank-you for the compliment! Some of the Areas are a Little open right now but they'll get filled very soon.
Now back to the thread Topic; i joined PokeHeaven Kanto when i first installed this mod and the 1.5.1 Version and i was addicted. Always been a fan of the games and i have every single one.

I stayed on PokeHeaven because the staff were so nice and i just loved the community that it grew into. I'm so happyy to see the new Server flourishing and building up.
By fxm
#93139 Wow, watch out for this server. It is setup to make as much money getting donators as possible. Played for about a week, then gave up.
Crafting bans limit how fast you can advance, and their donation benefits are minimal unless you donate a ton of cash.
They do a good job of technically running the server, but the ability of non-paying players to advance is VERY limited.
Seek better servers elsewhere.