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By Msgninja
#76850 Hello guys! Want to build your own business like in pokemon black/white version 2? What about build your own house? Do you know that you can also build your own Town? Yes you can!

Wait? What am I doing? Hello guys. This is MsgNinja. My IGN is MSGNinja. I am the owner in my server call In my server, you can build town, shop, or you own very house. People who build town can also ask for making gym. In my server, you need 8 gym badge to fight in the Elite four and the champ. There will be more then 8 gym but that doesn't mean you have to beat them all. You can beat them in any order and any gym you want until you finish all the gym battle. There will be no level cap in the elite four and champ battle so I hope you are good? Each gym will have different level caps and what every you pick, you can battle it.

What you need to join in? 1.6.2 forge (Because pixelmon is still in 1.6.2)
and Pixelmon 2.3.1

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By Noooooooooooooah
#80777 Hello, I would like to check out this server, would you please white list me? My IGN should be my name on here, if not... it's Noooooooooooooah (Noah except 13 'o')