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Re: Snowflake Pixelmon: "We're one of a kind."

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2013 12:45
by Neonkeii
If you have trouble installing the mods, get Mismatch ID errors, or just plain old don't know what to do, I have made a quick tutorial for getting onto the Snowflake server: ... utorial-16

Please let us know if you have issues getting onto the server.

Re: Snowflake Pixelmon: "We're one of a kind."

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2013 22:14
by Neonkeii
We're temporarily going into Survival Mode with Pixelmon only while we rebuild the map after removing Colored Blocks from the map. Please be patient and don't be afraid to join!

Keep in mind, while we are in survival, all you need to do is install Pixelmon the same way described in the Downloads section of the Pixelmon forums! Its super easy!

We should have the brand-spankin' new Survival map up in less than a few days, so update your Minecraft to the latest Pixelmon in the meantime. I look forward to seeing you on the server! (Survival is my favorite form of Pixelmon, so unless you live in a completely different timezone, you'll be seeing me a LOT.)

Quick Announcement

PostPosted: 01 Jan 2014 16:03
by Neonkeii
It's been some time now, but we aren't dead.

With as much work as we put in to the old server, we ran into a problem with one of our mods--Colored Blocks. In removing Colored Blocks, we did more damage to our map than a horde of Griefers on an unprotected vanilla server with TNT enabled. Essentially, every colored block became air, and all our builds just disappeared. In addition to this, people were unable to log into the server due to the additional mods, so the owner found it in the players' best interest to drop Colored Blocks and Custom NPCs and go back to what the first Snowflake server was--just Pixelmon in adventure mode.

For this reason we have had our survival server up for a lot longer than initially intended, but during this time I have been building a vanilla server in 1.7.2 that DOES have all the new biomes and will not break so easily. For the most part I have done this with only one other builder (as far as I am aware), so it's taking it's toll on me. However with Pixelmon 3.0 within sight, I do still plan on having a releasable map on its release date.

It may not be as fabulous or shiny as the previous map, but it will not need any additional mods and will therefore be easier to log onto. I hope to have the first three cities in order before the end of January (when Pixelmon 3.0 is predicted to release), and after that I'll be relying mostly on builders we recruit to help me with the additional cities.

So, in summary, we are in the process of returning to Snowflake's roots of no excess mods. We expect to have adventure up and running when Pixelmon 3.0 releases, and the new map WILL and DOES have all the new biomes. But until then we are in survival (the IP is below).