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By Ramt 1
#76088 Greetings future Flakes! And welcome, to Snowflake Pixelmon! Bringing you the absolute best of Poke'mon and Minecraft together in an original custom built world.

We feature player Gym Leaders, questlines, NPC shops, player owned teams, and weekly Pixelmon tournaments!
Our server is part of the Villoux Server System, and is run by responsible, experienced, adult staff members .
Pixelmon is a Pokemon in Minecraft mod, that is regularly updated and true to the games. Whether you're a highly competitive champion, or just want to only train a Charizard, you'll have fun on this server.
This is an adventure server with a community built map. You begin your adventure in the little town of Snowflake where Professor Baskerville will start you on your quest.


Server Info
IP Adress:
Pixelmon: 2.3.1
CustomNPCs: 1.6.2 (This allows us to set up quests and shops.)
ColoredBlocks: 2.3.0 (Enormous expansion of Minecraft building blocks.)
Server Type: Forge server with full bukkit capability. (MCPC)
Plugins: [Essentials] [PermissionsEx] [WorldEdit] [VoxelSniper] [AntiBuild] [BouncySponge] ect...
Gamemode: Adventure
Player Limit: 40
Whitelist: Off

Mod Install Tutorial For Snowflake ... #p41458072

Our TeamSpeak Server

Snowflake Forums

Server Features
- Weekly tournaments for fabulous prizes!
- NPC Shops! Sell drops you receive from wild pokemon and buy items.
- An original WIP map. We're about 30% complete, you can help us build the rest!
- Amazing community and staff. Almost 9 days since we last broke the server!
- Become a Gym Leader! You get payed in game!


Mod Description
Pixelmon: This is our main mod, it's basically a Pokemon in Minecraft mod that tries to be true to the games.
CustomNPCs: This mod allows us to have quests, storylines, and miscellaneous NPC interactions.
Colored Blocks Mod: This mod gives us a wide range of blocks to build a custom map that is unique and attractive.

Gym List
Normal/Fairy: Located in Pixel Planes, and led by Balthozar.
Grass/Poison: Located in Treetop, and led by _Soul_Sniper_
Ground/Fighting: Located in Sunnarashi, and led by neonkeii
Ghost/Dark/Psychic: To be located in Everstone Manor. (Unbuilt)
Water/Ice: (To be planned)
Electric/Steel: (To be planned)
Fire: (To be planned)
Dragon/Rock: (To be planned)

About Our Gym System
Gym Leaders are players on this server.
A gym team must consist of 5 pixelmon of that gym's type, and one extra of any type not super-effective against the gym.
Gym Leaders and trainers are paid in game money on a weekly basis, but must appear once a week on the server.
To challenge a Gym Leader for their position you must apply for a trainer position first and can only challenge once per week.

Tutorial Island (Unbuilt)
Snowflake (Complete)
Arena (Complete)
Pixel Planes (Complete)
Normal Gym (Complete)
Sapling Village (Complete)
Treetop (Complete)
Grass Gym (Complete)
Goshen Town (Complete)
Sunnarashi (Complete)
Carnival (In Progress)
Everstone Manor (In Progress)
(Many Builds Remaining)

Build Team
Our map is community built by server build team members and our quests are written by our writing staff. Both of these positions are open application.

We hold weekly pokemon tournaments on our server. The rules vary between tournament, but follow a monthly pattern.
The first and third tournament in a month follows an anything goes style rules set by Administration, and could be as wacky as only lvl 40 Magikarps.
The second tournament in a month consists of three level caps: low, medium, and high. This tournament follows a set of league rules listed on our website.
The last tournament in a month is for server champion. (This is until we finish the story line and map and implement an "Elite Four") This tournament allows any pokemon at any level and is to determine the best player on the server.

Message from the Owner
    Hi, if you've read this far then you must be interested which is great! I really want you to join. We are a great community and will welcome in anyone new. I've made some great friends on this server and would love to see the group grow.

    I've watched many great servers grow and die the last couple years, and it can be a big turnoff for newcomers if a server doesn't look like it's in for the long haul. But this server has been around for over a year, and despite revisions and staff changes, it has stood the test of time. I've made it my goal to grow the server into something unique and worthwhile. I welcome you to a bright, snowcovered future.

    Hope to see you soon,
    ~Ramt 1

By ChibiGamer9
#76157 As previous owner of this server, I'm excited to see the new builds coming, and more people online! Come hang out some time! :)
Almost 9 days since we last broke the server!

I expect this to be updated when we break the server with chickens again.
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By Neonkeii
#76202 If you have any trouble with ID MISMATCHES when you try to log onto the server, you may want to try these solutions (courtesy of ssup_dawg): ... roblem-fix