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By Animalol
#92570 Eisenbahn,

I'm going to tell you for the second time now to stop posting multiple times in a row, and to just update your thread.
By coldhotshot
#94611 For those who truly believe that there is more to adventure Pixelmon servers than just simply casual gameplay,

I welcome you to the Pokenation Server Forum page!

This server unique content includes:
  1. A interactable large replica of the Kanto Map (buying houses, playing on the casino, dynmap)
  2. Enable mounts (you can fly on a pokemon on this map)
  3. Mods and Admins that organise many events(Hide and seek, battle competitions)
  4. Fair gym battles (Equal number of Pokemon, level caps and wild cards)
  5. Weekly competitive Elite 4 battling system
  6. A chance to be apart of the E4 yourself!

Unlike other Pixelmon Servers, this server differs as to be able to even have a chance at the E4 spot you need to truly understand the nature of Pokemon competitive battling like EVs, IVs and Natures!

There are a lot more features than these competitive orientated ones, but to find out more:
Click me!

Or you could just type in the IP if this server interest you!
Adventure map:
Survival map: