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By shadoowner
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Welcome to the Pixelgens pixelmon server topic!

General server info:

Our server runs the newest version of the pixelmon mod.
We currently have the Kanto region with 8 gym leaders, an Elite-4 and a champion!
Gym leaders are fully automated so you will never have to wait for people to come online to battle them.
Elite-4 and champion however are real players so a little stronger.

The spawns in our map are based of the official games.
To give you the ability to still catch other pokemon we will have swarms in routes that will change frequently.

When you first join the server, you will be in the lobby.
To get out of the lobby, walk into the portal underneath the big Kanto board, it will send you to Pallet town.
You can not leave pallet town untill you received your starter kit and the trainer rank.

Beat gymleaders to explorer more of the map, pretty much every gym will open new parts to discover!

We are currently working on improvements to our server in general and 2 new regions, Johto and Hoenn.
Johto is almost finished, Hoenn just started.

What do you need to join our server?

- Server IP:
- Minecraft 1.6.4
- ForgeModLoader (Click Here, once downloaded, click it and choose client install)
- Pixelmon 3.0.3 (here obviously :))

Unimportant but recommended:
- Rei's minimap

Server website:
Here you can find news, check the server status, go to the forum, see what staff we have, donate and more!

The donation shop (
Here you can buy packs that give you ingame items, pokemon, perks and a donator suffix!
Make sure you have added your minecraft character to the site else the rewarding does not work.
All the donation money will be put to good use!

Kanto map pictures (click them for full size) | Show



We hope to see you all in-game!
Don't forget to tell your friends!
Go to Planet Minecraft and drop a diamond on us! ;)
The Pixelgens team

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By shadoowner
#75567 Soon, we will go out of beta testing wich means several things, first we will have a party with fireworks at spawn and second is that there will come a multiworld support plugin that will give us the ability to create more regions where you have different teams then in other regions.
Our next region will be johto, when the system is finished you will be able to pick your starting region and after that you wont be able to leave that region untill you have beaten the champion!
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By shadoowner
#81111 Hey all, we officially are out of beta now, johto is doing well and we probably go bungeecord soon (not 100% sure)