By Dasm
#114208 I don't believe this server is my cup of tea- though it has many positive aspects. Here is my short review.

I will begin with the positive of this server- It has many nice features and the world builders have done an amazing job with the aesthetics of the server so the buildings and towns look just fantastic.

But at the same time the server, I believe, is lacking in the core game play- It's a bit pay to win as only people who donate real life currency are able to obtain legendary Pokemon. While I understand that servers cost a lot of money to maintain, it is just too easy to buy your way to the top in this server and in my humble opinion convenience and cosmetic items are a much better thing for free servers and F2P games to generate income.
Also, I have a disagreement with the newly implemented rule that disallows switching during gym battles- I completely understand how frustrating this can be to trainers, but it has always been a core part of competitive play in the Pokemon games, a good trainer should be able to anticipate his opponents in-battle switches and capitalize on the lost move of the opponent. In my opinion it is unacceptable to hear the Gym leaders which in the Pokemon world are supposed to be some of the most skilled and knowledgeable Pokemon trainers being unable to adjust their strategies and make educated predictions on their opponents.

These are just my completely honest observations and humble opinions on Evolvecraft from a totally unbiased perspective.

By ignitor202
#117599 since it says Hoenn in the title are you doing the remaking the Hoenn region? I hope you do because I've played the Ds/3ds games of Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon HeartGold Pokémon SoulSilver Pokémon Black Pokémon White Pokémon Black 2 Pokémon White 2 Pokémon X and Pokémon Y so I haven't played the Hoenn region yet and it's my favorite region so plz do it,