By dragonclaw103
#72215 We are working on a new Pixelmon Server that is a Factioned Survival Economy PVP Pixelmon server. So you can not only battle your pokemon there will be PVP Arenas that will be introduced as minigames for players to battle each other. You can buy and sell pokemon and minecraft items as you build your regioned land or factioned stronghold, where you have the option of having your faction a safezone or warzone. Pixelmon is a great and fun game but I am working to keep the soul of Minecraft live in this server and not turn it completely into a Pokemon spin off. If you are good at building Pokemon towns I would love to have you on board and help build a few. Schematics of the builds would also be provided to the community for use and the builders would definitely get the credit.

So come see the server or drop me a line @ just register and send me a message!

Lets have some fun!