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Welcome to pikacraft! This is a pixelmon role play server. We have routes. Gyms and finally the champions. I said champions. Two of them. You got to beat one to beat the other one. We are also hiring for gym leaders. We also need elite four. We have two gyms that are prebuilt. One gym needs to have lv 15-35 Pixelmon and the other one lv 45-65 Pixelmon. Elites have pokemon [65-70]. If you don't want to go to the role play and just do plain out survival. Just wonder off the path we made. The path is basically the server storyline. for the server. More places being built every day. Maybe even new champions... Do not ask in game to be a gym leader nor elite. you will never be hired to be one. First you must sign up the application below. Also its your nick getting changed not your rank. So its going to be like [pkmn trainer][pkmn gym-leader] someones name here or
[pkmn trainer][pkmn elete(#)] name (#-1to 4) Also gyms have to stick to one type and can not have creative. Also when quallified for the gym you will get a different starter pixelmon based on the type you chose. And if your pixelmon goes over the level it can no longer be used. Example. First gym. your level 35 geodude leveled up to level 36 after the match. It can no longer be used for gym matches. But if it levels up during the match. You can use it till its done. Also when gym-leaders are defeated they must give a badge that was given to them and also a tm that was given as well. The tm will vary upon your type you chose for your gym. Also when you start there is a sign that says [supply] it have unlimited, pokeballs, potions, and probably more to be added.

Now for the application.

Gym or elite:
pixelmon type:
gender: (that way i dont say where is he when your a girl or vice versa)

By applying you will be tested for a battle with the champions. But only towards the pixelmon level towards your type. Also if you go for elite you will be given ultra balls and gym-leaders will be given great balls. Also you will not be giving any trainer any items other than the badges and the tm if your a gym-leader. Also elite are not to give items and not to allow pkmn battles with those who dont have the two badges. Heat and thunder. Make sure they have those. And they do battle you without the badges they can not move towards the champions. Also gym-leaders. No matter what ,battle trainers only once! they can not be re-battle with you. Also when you are defeated admit that defeat. Same goes for the elite.

Also there will be times off the path will be a chest with items with it like an item ball. Hidden. in new locations.

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By Animalol
#72125 I'll move this into Server Archive for now. If you ever want it back up, just PM me or DutchKroket.