By Vikerus
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Just want to leave this here...
By KostarasMike
#85727 Hello burgy im the owner of PixelGold and we get around 14-16 players a day near the end of the day 8 we are a active server and we would love to take part in your hub

Skype: mike.kostaras1

Server website:

i will give all the other info on skype if you do chose to contact me

:D thanks for reading OH and server is also 24/7 and lag free
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By McGamer1003
Burgy wrote:Lol

I'm really confused. I understand what the concept is but i don't know all the details. So in order for this to work our server needs to be in offline mode? And we need to post our server ip our skype name and the amount we are going to donate before donating??? Sorry i feel as this is really simple to understand its just i'm being stupid lol :P