By DMTsmoke
#67068 Hey again everyone Pixelmon! As our main Pixelmon server is waiting for the CustomNPCs mod to be updated (so that we can update that server to the newest Pixelmon as well), we've decided to open a Pixelmon 2.3 Free-build server so that anyone willing may test true Vanilla Pixelmon while we wait together for the CustomNPCs update. Let us enjoy the awesome new update together! We deserve it for waiting so patiently =).

A few key notes:
-Your Pokemon will ALL be saved and moved to the main server once CustomNPCs is updated.
-Your inventory/land/chests will NOT be saved/moved when we update the Main Server.
-PVP is off. Items don't drop on death anyway.
-Free Build enabled everywhere.

Hope to see you on there guys!

Pixelmon 2.3 [1.6.2] Server IP:

Community Site & Forums:
Teamspeak 3 Server:

~~== REQUIRED MODS (easy to install): ==~~

Forge: ... tion=files