By david8700717
#73257 I honestly don't want to remind you of what you did to a certain server... You threatened us after you broke the rules, then kept coming on the forums to troll. Disgraceful. Not to mention how you broke a rule that is on your server. To be honest, I have been hearing that you have been ripping off of a certain server in many ways too.
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By CraftBattleDuty
MoeBoy76 wrote:
Earfull wrote:can you make it cracked plese its really cool server and i want to play on it plese

1. Craft is a dev and doesn't get on the forums often
2. we don't support cracked users

Nor will the server ever be considered for cracked users.
By Anjad42
#82620 Hey guys, this is a very good server, which I would highly recommend to anyone, new or experienced to the server. A lot of fun to play
By EmperorEhryn
#84110 He prob doesn't check this anymore but I had an interesting idea for a new series that could involve the fans a bit more. Since you and sever others who post vids regularly about pixelmon all seem pretty tight you could take a The Ultimate Fighter take on it. Like each of you guys can pick out some fans who do play and invite them to play with you guys and make teams. Weekly tournaments can be posted and results and make it like a big thing about each team ya know?