How do you feel about the changes we have made to the server since you joined?


By Quakthorn
toonknight3331 wrote:I love this server. It reminds me of the joy i had in my first pokemon game and i just sit here and think of just how amazing this server really is.

Thanks toonknight3331 :D Glad you love it!
By Quakthorn
#71955 It's been a few days since my last post. Been working improving the server and taking suggestions from my playerbase.

What's been done in the last few days you ask?

-Recreated Celadon Game Corner so it has a much bigger area to allow more games. Currently there is only 3 games but will be adding more plus daily quests for players to earn more coins.

-Created the TM vendor squad inside Celadon Pokemart. These vendors sell all 96 available TMs in the game at various prices.

-Completed New Bark Town's questing and NPC layout, work was started on Route 29. This will be a slow progression but we will have it released at Generation 2's completion.

Currently, one of our players, evan100216, is working on a nice promotion video for our server. It's completion is coming soon! We'll be posting on the original post to give everyone a great idea of what our server is about :D

This is it for the official and confirmed news for this post.

Until next time folks!
By Quakthorn
#72168 Good news everyone!

I have this friday off so there will be alot of updates coming up starting around 4pm CST.

Hop on then and you may be chosen to be the first to test out the new updates that Pixelenium will be receiving :D
By Quakthorn
#72350 Woot! 1600+ views and still climbing

Update: We are currently adding to our SpawnHouse with awesome Pixelart of the four starter Pokemon of Pixelmon! Wanna see the build in action? Join Now!

We'll be posting a screenshot of the final product here when it's finished!

Stay tuned for more updates!
By Quakthorn
#72428 We completed spawn but it's so big that it would take several screenshots to get it all so just hop and check it out if you wanna see it :D

We also completed more of Johto last night and open a Tournament Grounds area up for our future tournaments!
By Quakthorn
#72896 We are converting our current Coin currency with a virtual currency. This will take some time so most of the pokemarts are closed until the change been completed.

Please be patient with this change.

Also, we are working on a new Auction system as well so player have more ways to earn money on the server.

P.S. I have been informed that the next update from MCPC+ should fix the no-boss loot drop bug. Let's all hope this is true.