By gerno123
#64549 Staff App:
IGN: gerno123
Type of Staff: Administrator (if not then moderator)
Experience: I have owned a server before and it lasted good year or so. I have also been an admin on some of my friends servers. I am familiar with all of the commands as well.
Age: 15
Why Me? I have loved pokemon ever since I was first given Pokemon Red by my older cousin. Ever since, I have played all of the pokemon games and have a vast knowledge of everything regarding pokemon. As soon as I heard of pixelmon, i knew that I had to give it a shot, and I certainly have not regretted it. It would be an honor to be an admin of a pixelmon server and help people enjoy pixelmon as much as I do.
How long would i be on a week? I play pixelmon at least 5 hours everyday and on weekends as much as 9 hours.

Yes I would like to be a gym leader too :)

Gym App:
IGN: gerno123
Type: Dragon (can be modified if necessary)
Number: 8 (can be modified if necessary, possibly even elite four if you have one.)
Pokemon Wanted: Dragonite, Gyarados, Flygon, Charizard and my boss would be a second but more difficult Dragonite. (I included Charizard and Gyarados because there is a lack of dragon pokemon in game, and they look like dragons.)
Age: 15
Time: 5-9 hours a day
Why Me? I love dragons with a burning passion. I will be online quite a bit so people will not complain about a gym leader not being online. I have also played through all the pokemon games so I have done my research on how to be a great dragon pokemon trainer.
#64628 Gym App:Leader
Gym Type:Thunder
Gym Number (1-8):1
Pokemon wanted: Electabuzz,Raichu,Volteon,Pikachu
Age: 14
How long would you be on a week: Almost every day
Why you: I've been playing actual Pokemon since i was 7, that's 7 years I've been playing Pokemon. I am a great leader, a great team player, and a great helper...That is why I think you should pick me for gym leader or co-gym leader...I also love my Pokemon with all of my heart, and have beat all the games and if you show me any Pokemon in the 1st 2nd or 3rd generation i'll name him/her...