By Chodey
#58608 If you're looking for a NEW & FUN Pixelmon Server you've came to the right spot!

My new Pixelmon server, FireRed, is looking for new players.

This is for MC 1.5.2 NOT 1.6.x

We are also looking for STAFF/BUILDERS! There are applications on our website.


- Spawn Location with PokeCenter & PokeShop (Shop is under construction.)
- Requires a password so you can't be hacked!
- You can claim land with a Gold Shovel to stop from being griefed!
- Working on Gyms & Will need Gym Leaders!
- Tournaments & Events will be regular!
- Holiday Events!
- Fun & Active Staff!
- Much much more!

By DWizzle
#59801 We now have 2 cities! And many many more new exciting things to come! Custom Npcs might be intergrated for quest and more fun. Major things fixed to make this server fun and playable! Come check us out! :)
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By BartBrot
#61220 3 routes and 3 cities created, will build the next route and city today -> this one will be the main city with normal biome.
Imma just waiting for Custom Npcs to come then we could start hire some gym leaders and make serious Ads to this server ; )


Ehm.... i would be glad if you send me a copy of your world, i made. Before taking server completely offline >_>