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By issac332


Information: The server has been up since July 18th and we already have a great player base! An average of 80-90 players on durring the busy hours of the day! Right now we have all the main Gym leaders accounted for but we still need a bunch of Co-GymLeaders (Co-Gymleaders have all the power of gymleaders but they only run the gym when the main gymleader does not have it open.)

If you would like to apply to become a GymLeader on this server visit : ... um/2901920

Official Website:


Some Plugins we use
- GriefPrevention
- World Border (9000x9000 map atm)
- World Gaurd
- GroupManager
- Lockette
- FloAuction
- Essentials

Official Server Gyms:

Rock Gym Leader: OPEN

Water Gym Leader: Tomrigerz
-Co-Leader: OPEN

Fire Gym Leader: Charanpreet10
-Co Leader: Baschrin

Dragon Gym Leader: OPEN
-Co Leader: No one

Flying Gym Leader: OPEN

Fossil Gym Leader:
-Co Leader: OPEN

Electric Gym Leader: joflyy
-Co Leader: OPEN

Poison Gym Leader: OPEN

Media from the new map!

(16 images there just click the next button)

Special thanks for helping me create the map: Edge, Charan, Zilcor, Random, Tom

If you would like to donate for in game rewards here is a link to our donation page:
Donation really helps the server out to pay for hosting and other expenses like upgrades and much more!

Update: Due to recent donations i have been able to pay for an upgrade with the host and the server should be running much smoother then before now!