By Vikerus
#133486 I would like to let everyone know that we are updating in just 1 day! We will either open the new map late on the 31st or early on the 1st of august.
New comers will get shiny starters as a thanks for showing up, try not to miss it.

Due to the fact that bungee cord doesn't support modded servers. MCarchways will not be hosting the JC pixelmon servers any longer and there will be new IPs released on opening.

Those of you who don't know it, we are one of the longest running pixelmon servers! With this update we have changed so much. The passed two years have been awesome but it was time for a change in Justiscraft. Going forward JC will focus on making the adventure server of a life time. We see no reason to stop progress when it just keeps getting better. Thanks to everyone who have helped me along the way with this project. The people here with pixelmon are generally great and I'm happy to support the mod by continuing to foster a health community for it. <3

And to the devs who work tirelessly without payment or gratitude. Without your efforts I would have never been inspired to make this server and community a reality. Thank you for all that you put in for the mod. It will always be appreciated.
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