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DarkFanatic64 wrote:Glad to see Jcs looking downright awesome vikerus! I know it has been a week or so sice ive been able to help

Spawn has its first quest!

No worries Dark, we'll see you when you are back. Tonight I'll have the second quest finished that gives players their choice of three ranks to begin as. Then we can reset the player files and get ready to let the first players on. :mrgreen:
By Vikerus
#121520 [center]Pixelmon Let's Play Update! (By PyroBlock and GhostWolfGaming)[/center]

[center]PyroBlock's Point of View

[center]GhostWolfGaming's Point of View

There are three episodes out already for you to get your fill of! You might get lucky and see them on the server! JCS is now in the final steps of development for opening. To join you will need our CustomNPCs which is universal for the servers on our hub. Meaning only one version is need for any server connected! Check back for updates! [center]MCarchwayCNPCs[/center]
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#121709 Hey everyone!

[center]Limited Bonus : Free Shiny Starter on Justiscraft to all new comers for the next 24 hours![/center]

Join at !

EDIT: Event now over.
By Vikerus
#122343 JCS is now open to accept players!

You will need to get our Cnpc version here : MC Archway Cnpcs

Hope everyone enjoys it!
By Vikerus
#123184 Just some quick updates:

We have a new interactive trading system on Justiscraft! All a player needs to do is right click a person they would like to trade with and a screen will open for both, you can drag and drop what you want to trade into the gui and after both parties accept you will preform a runescape-esk trade. Simple and effective! Hope you all enjoy it. Makes things much more fun.

Also check for Updates here :
By Vikerus
#125574 Brand new VOIP feature for everyone to use, grab the voice chat service Mumble and connect to our chat server : if you pair it with this : ... onal-voip/
You will have a radius based chat feature in game. Pretty fun to play around with while you battle and train. Also our coat of arms shirts have been discontinued! New designs will pop up though. Thanks, see you ingame!
By Vikerus
#128052 Update for 1.7!

The new map is now getting to the point that people can give it a look see and leave some feedback. The dynmap is here :

With the change in chunk generation we had no choice but to move on from our original seed! But it was a needed change, the new seed has all of the biomes within reach of a city/town. We will have to add the apricorns and other pixelmon items once the update to the mod is released but for right now the main map is nearly done being setup :D
Decorations will come last and probably be improved on for a while after the update.

The new version of minecraft will allow us to add new plugins to enhance the already awesome game play, if you have some suggestions please let me know! Lots of changes will be noticeable with the move but players will not lose anything!

We will be loading the old map into the server and for a month or so allow players to transfer items in their homes to the new map. Events will also start taking place in a special world open to all! The event world may or may-not also hold the minigames area.

EULA Info. Pertaining to JC | Show
The old JC map may then go on to be hosted as a "Premium Server" so that we can avoid breaking the new (abusive/community dividing) eula. As much as I hate the idea of being forced to split up the community like that just to be able to fund the machine we run on... The changes to donation incentives will go into effect before the deadline of August 1st with many new "community" packages and more, players who have already donated for things will be "grandfathered" in upon the deadline. Unless mojang has a change of heart... :)
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#130043 The most up-to-date information about our move to pixelmon 3.1.1 can be seen here:

The map is completely changing.
Our Gym order and Gym rewards reworked.
Complete redesign of our Shop systems.
By Vikerus
#131033 People can expect the move in two weeks or so! Our new map happens to be 4x the size of the last. I hope we see new and old players returning to check it all out. A lot of effort is being poured into the server right now.

!sticky my post. It more then fills the popularity requirements >.<
I feel JC is being unfairly put under someones thumb. <.< Isi.