By Vikerus
Jyaku wrote:I seem to be unable to join the server. It keeps telling me it's full even tho it only sees 8/32 people on. I played back before pixelmon was even 2.0 and am wondering if I can get my character data deleted if possible.

The problems are mostly fixed, I think you might have joined a different server as well. You need to join using the hub ip:
I'll get your player data fixed here soon.
By Vikerus
roddy116 wrote:Hi so i logged in just fine, and i can successfully join the survival server. but my client crashes every time i try to join the adventure server, can you help me out because i really want to play the adventure mode :D

You might try again, for a little while I was still running the 3.0.3 on Survival so if you updated it should work for both. Also are you using any other mods besides cnpc and pixelmon?
By Vikerus
#120830 Just a few updates:

    The MC Archways hub has welcomed a new server, Pixelpark. "Welcome Guys!"
    JC is inching closer to the Grand opening of our Brand New Survival Factions Server with custom Trees, Gyms, Starters and a ever expanding list of Interactive Quests via CNPCs. (everything you might have been missing in Justiscraft:)
    A new mysterious Cave is being built to be added to the Main world, look forward to our update announcement!

JCS our new server is going to be a totally new experience for people who have played on our Adventure server. Trainers will be welcomed to the new region as you spawn aboard the SS.Annie. in the harbor of Mega Bay. Starting out you will have to complete a quest and explore a bit of the first town. After an hour on the server you are promoted automatically to Warden and have full player factions permissions and are free to begin your faction! Though to start a faction you will need to have enough Capitol! Both claiming and starting a faction cost money but you can earn that back many ways. Through the power of shear will and lots of typing we are also going to be featuring a handy little menu for you to use in your travels, this 'Pack' Will let you link to the dynmap, see your direction, the time of day, and even serve as the toggle for your PvP status meaning you are in full control of your game style. But that isn't all. We have also created abilities that you can toggle and switch between at the click of a button via our TUI (Trainer User Interface) at a cost of course. JCS also has a complete balanced economy with a buy back percentage of 80-85% on almost all items. Meaning you get 8/10th of what you paid for an item back. Nearly 100% of the items from both Pixelmon and Minecraft have been compiled into easy to use and navigate GUIshops. The goal is to develop another permanent server for the fans of Pixelmon and Pokemon while creating a whole new experience to be enjoyed by all.

-really hope to see you there!