By Vaeta
Marcin73 wrote:Cracked players can't join Pixelmon Hub server
Is there any way to connect directly to the server?

No there isn't a way, as far as I know we still don't allow cracked users, especially now that we're on the hub.

By Templar_Silva
#99098 I just wanted to say, this server is GREAT! Everyone should give it a try! I am not affiliated with it, other than as a player who enjoys it and thinks that more people should play here. The only thing is, PLEASE install customnpc's BEFORE joining. I would highly reccomend people join this!
By TammyDanny
#101498 Hey, guys! Long time, no see! :D
It's been a while since I've been on the server, since I was a cracked user, & the server became premium. But now, I finally have my own premium account (YAY! :D), & I'm ready to get back on the server!
Though, it says it can't reach the server. Can someone help me out on this? I'm dying to finally be back on that server :)
Thanks in advance! :D