By LCSminer
#77246 1. This is a forum for the servers, I doubt Mr. M. looks here very often...
2. There's not much anyone can do without seeing a crash log. I could try to help though. Did you put the database stuff in the right place? When you download pixelmon it comes in a folder, opening that folder you see two folders titled database and mods. Everything in the mods folder gets put in the .minecraft mods folder, and everything in the database folder gets placed in the .minecraft database folder. Other than that, do you have any other mods? Pixelmon can crash with several different mods including NEI. Oh I just remembered! Did you download 1.6.4? I was having trouble launching Minecraft as well, and so I just used Forge 1.6.2 Most mods only work on the version they are made for.

Thats all I can think of, but it could be a different problem.
By Vaeta
flareskittles wrote:MrMasochism pls answer how do I get pixelmon to download and work because I have forge and I have pixelmon downloaded but I keeps on crashing pls ell me an answer pls pls pls

If you haven't already download the new Pixelmon and other mods please do that, they are in the first post, I hope you haven't gotten 1.6.4 yet because the Forge we have is 1.6.2, hopefully that will be updated soon. If you can please download Raidcall and come on to our server so we can try to help you faster.
By ZeroHiyuu
#79065 To answer the last two recent questions.

The server is under-going a to speak. It will be pvp friendly, and a pixelmon integrated map. If you have ever watched SAO( Sword Art Online ) then you will find this map to be...very interesting.

So yes, a new map, a new adventure, and a new experience to pokemon. Everything you had before, will be transferred over to the new map.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. <3

" スターバースト忘却域 "
By ZeroHiyuu
#80203 Alright everyone! Sorry for the wait! We are not fully done bt we have 85% of the things done, we are opening the server to everyone (except cracked) so please stop by the new 騎士の忘却地域 map!!

This Region is called
Knight's Oblivion Region, and it is a PVP server, which involves team work, solo skills, and much more! So hope you all like what we've worked on so far!