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#56430 NEW IP:

(credits to owner of these songs.)

Welcome to Knight's Oblivion Server! This is a public server so anyone who downloads My version of CostumNPC (check link below) and also has the texture pack are more than welcomed at my server. This map is Survival, and is a remake three regions, Hoeen, Kanto, and Johto So if you played those regions, try joining this server for some real fun!

Cracked Players are Welcomed as well!

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Wanna check out our youtube channel and see all the fun? Click -> Here <-

Wanna join our Raidcall chat? Only members of the server are able to join.

Raidcall number: 7021456

[Will be updated once server is open to public]

Things you need!


    Minecraft 1.6.4

    Pixelmon 2.5.7

Credits to original maker of texture pack.

WORKS FOR BOTH 1.6.2 AND 1.6.4

Credits here

Plugins currently in server
    Essentials Chat
    Essentials GroupManager

Server Region pictures!


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Gym Leaders Needed!

Non active people naturally will be kicked from a section so another person who wants to join can join.

Wanna apply for a spot below? Click here

Gym Leaders 騎士の忘却地域

Rokku Gym - OPEN (Ground/Rock type pokemon) Level's: 10-20 (3 pokemon only)
Image Image

Kusa Gym - OPEN (Grass type pokemon) Level's: 20-25 (3 pokemon only)

Suchiru Gym - OPEN (Steel type pokemon) Level's: 25-30 (4 pokemon only)

Gosuto Gym - OPEN (Ghost type pokemon) Level's: 30-40 (4 pokemon only)

Poizun Gym - tyoder99 (Poison type pokemon) Level's: 40-50 (4 pokemon only)

Furaingu Gym - OPEN (Flying type pokemon) Level's: 50-60 (5 pokemon only)

Mizu Gym - OPEN (Water type pokemon) Level's: 60-70 (4 pokemon only)

Seishin-tekina Gym -OPEN (Psychic type pokemon) Level's: 70-80 (5 pokemon only)

Elite Four Knight's

First - ????? (Ground/Fire/Rock type pokemon) Level's: 80-85 (6 pokemon only)

Second - ????? (Grass/Bug/water type pokemon) Level's: 85-90 (6 pokemon only)

Third - ????? (Electrc/Flying/Steel type pokemon) Level's: 90-95 (6 pokemon only)

Fourth - ????? (Poison/Ground/Dark type pokemon) Level's: 100 (6 pokemon only)

Champion - ZeroHiyuu (Dark/dragon/ice type pokemon) Level's: 110 (6 pokemon only)

By ZeroHiyuu
#56432 Hi everyone! I'm ZeroHiyuu as most of you know me already. I've set up this promotional exchange for your donations. As you see below you will see how much you can donate and how many Emerald Coins you can get. These Emerald Coins are used for the "Premium Sales" Shop's. Each shop will have a variety of items that you exchange for these Emerald coins. We ask that you strongly donate the set amount we've displayed below, so if you can't donate much then $1.00 would be best choice, also know that your money will be used to maintain the server up and running, and if we get enough members who donate often and we have more money left-over then the slot will be increased thus more people, and more fun.


    -$1.00 - 1 Emerald Coin

    - $5.00 - 10 Emerald Coins (Save 50%)

    - $10.00 - 30 Emerald Coins (Save 67%)

    - $20.00 - 75 Emerald Coins (Save 73%)

    - $50.00 - 225 Emerald Coins (Save 78%)

    - $100.00 - 500 Emerald Coins (Save 80%)
By ZeroHiyuu
#56433 DISCLAIMER: Now just to lay this out on the table first, I did /NOT/ Make this mod, I simply altered what it was.

So what I've noticed in a lot of Pixelmon servers is that they have 2 main mods, 1 being Pixelmon (Obviously) and the 2nd one is CustomNPCs. I started thinking of doing this project because I wanted to enhanced the pokemon feeling of my server, not only to reconstruct it to the game, but make the feeling as if you were actually playing pokemon, with a huge help from Pixelmon as well. I /LOVE/ This mod I find it one of the best mods I have ever seen, I'm a huge pokemon fan and been one since I started playing on my gameboy color with Pokemon Blue/Yellow. Anyways, I started this project and some-what finished it but I wanted to release it to you guys with what I already have and I am hoping to get like good feedback to encourage me to make it better. Just to let you all know this is my first time uploading something and sharing it with the public, and I'm not entirely sure if this is like illegal on my part for even doing this, if so /PLEASE/ tell me so that I can remove this.

Anyways down to the Gift! This is a CustomNPC mod, but what I did to it was add more songs than it already has. I've included about 50+ pokemon songs (For now..) All coming from Pokemon Yellow/Blue/Red, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, Pearl/Diamond, Black/White, and Colosseum! These songs include, Elite Four songs, Trainer songs, Pokemart song, and Pokemon Center as well, and others. So the link will be down below if you wish to try this out, and to all hosters I have personally tested every single song to make sure no errors occured. So enjoy the gift and hopefully it will make your servers more fun. Also, if you're gonna put this to your server, they all have to have the same mod, so if you want everyone to hear the music you've chosen for the certain spot they also need this.

Big thank you to Malicante, and Kamkari whom helped me with Version 3.0! Epic job guys.

CustomNPC (pokemon 5.0)
what's in the mod

    - New Skins! New songs! New weapon/Armor looks!
    - Diamond and Pearl Music
    - Platinum Music
    - Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Music
    - Yellow, Blue, Red Music
    - Black and White Music
    - Pokemon related skins (i.e. Elite Four, Gym leaders, Nurse joy, etc etc)
    - Armor looks like uniforms
    - All songs organized


Update: Version 5.0 has been released! The file size has been cut by more than 50% Size is less than 100 mbs! (Actual size is 90 mbs).

Update: Version 4.1 is out now, please update to this one, because 4.0 had a few issues but they should all be resolved now with this one!

Update: Version 4.0 is finally out, only update is 3-5 new songs, and new armor as well as it being updated to 1.6.2. Enjoy <3

Update: Version 3.0 is now out! it's been updated for 1.5.2 and newly added armor! Where you can look like Team rocket! Team aqua! Team Magma or even Pikachu! and Wes! Songs have been modified so it's easier to find, and new songs added as well. Hope you all enjoy the new update! please leave me any feedback when you can! ^^

Update: Version 2.1 is now finished and out to the public! This version has now 150+ songs, and 20+ new skins from many pokemon games. Also some of the songs have been edited, and re-touched to make it easier to find what the songs are. We've added 10+ songs not relevant to the pokemon serious, which we hope you enjoy as well.

Update: Verion 2.0 now has more than 80% of Diamond and Pearl pokemon songs added, which brings the count up to 120+ pokemon songs on this mod. Also I've included 6 new songs that are /not/ part of the pokemon league and I find that it will bring great fun to your server. If you can name 1 of the 6 songs I will add a song of your choice in the next update, within the catagories: Anime, Pokemon, DBZ, Game(s), Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and basicly anything within that catagory.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LINK Ver. 5.0 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
By ZeroHiyuu
#57285 Server is currently running 1.5.2, but when the new pixelmon comes out for 1.6.2 The server will go through an entire make-over where it will take 3-5 days. So the server will be whitelisted to my Admins, Moderators, and Builders only. So join server now if you'd like to see what is now and what will be after updating it completely. If you have any issues connecting to the server, please post here and I will assist you the best way possible.
#57551 My CustomNPC doesn't work:
-I download the version 3.0 of CustomNPCS for 1.5.2;
-Go to %appdata% ----> .minecraft ----> and in the folder mods I put the CustomNPCS winrar file.
-I launch Minecraft, enter in the server but I can't see in the right way the NPCS.
Can someone help me?
Thanks and bye.
By ZeroHiyuu
MrSPARTAN23 wrote:My CustomNPC doesn't work:
-I download the version 3.0 of CustomNPCS for 1.5.2;
-Go to %appdata% ----> .minecraft ----> and in the folder mods I put the CustomNPCS winrar file.
-I launch Minecraft, enter in the server but I can't see in the right way the NPCS.
Can someone help me?
Thanks and bye.

Try %appdata% -> .Minecraft -> Config deleted all the files in the Config folder and try again.
By ZeroHiyuu
#58219 UPDATE: Kanto's Re-build is now 100% finished. The only thing left is npc's here and there, soon as we can go 1.6.2 it will be opened to everyone. So stop by anytime if you guys like to check out our server, it's really fun.

Note: What this server is going for, what I plan for this server since the beginning was replication. I want to replicate the experience of the real Pokemon game into a Minecraft 3d form. So you go from the town to city battling Gym leaders trainers, and even your Rivals. We also have Three Teams (for now) Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Rocket. And when you ever get bored of you know just playing pixelmon? We have several /new/ areas you will absolutely love. Think of it like a MMO.