In your Honest Opinion, What makes this Server Stand out?

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By Lessy45
[center]"No longer shall you have to fear mankind..
No longer will you be alone in the shadows..
We have felt the way you feel..
We have been where your eyes have gazed your upon..
We dreamt of the place you wish to be in..
This.. is what we choose to believe in..
This is not our dream..
This is our reality...
Does it make you an outcast?
Does it make you change you?
Does it make you different?
It does not matter..
It makes you happy..
It makes you.. feel..
Its in your blood!
Its who you are!
Its time you welcomed this gift.."


Hello guys If you are reading this you are ether a returning player and you like to see my great writing story.. or its most likely that you are a new player and something on the title attracted you

well ether way you are welcomed to come in at any time n.n

Hi My name is Lessy, I am the proud owner of HeartSilver
along side my Staff we run this server to bring you the most greatest pokemon experience you will ever come across <3

Whether you like catching pokemon, Building houses, a little of both maybe?
or if you play to win every match.. then this is the place where you want to be!

Don't own a minecraft account? don't worry =D I believe those that cannot afford Minecraft and go out of their way to get a cracked account deserve to experience what we offer.
That is why here at HeartSilver I open my doors to Everyone! Payed account or Free account!
Cracked or Premium, you will be treated the same n.n

[center]We want a community not labeled by what you have.. nor by what you can get..
our community welcomes all.. we are all outcasts.. we have yet to find a place where we belong..
But.. until that day.. i offer you a safe haven where you can safeguard all of your precious memories..
Age is nothing but a number!
it matters not how tall you are.. nor the color of your armor.. in the end we all go back to where we came from..
will you travel down that road alone? or will you be part of our group?..

-Heart Silver Creed-[/center]

[center]This is not a pay to play server, everyone can get anything, and anything can belong to anyone.[/center]

[center]If you think Donators will beat you just because their donators, think again.. it just doesn't happen like that on this server.[/center]

[center]Check out our software![/center]
[center]We are equipped to handle 100+ players with no lag!
Our goal is to Provide you with a smooth Out of this world Gaming Experience!

CPU: Intel E3-1230v2 Quad Core 3.3Ghz


Primary Drive: 500GB HDD

Operating System: CentOS 64-bit

Bandwidth: 100 Mbps 5000GB Transfer

Location: Dallas, TX

Things you'll need to join:

1. minecraftforge-installer-1.6.2-

2. Pixelmon- 2.3.1

3. Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod- 2.9.2

[center]For more Info Please visit our Official Site:

[center]oh and did i forget to mention?[/center]

Have an Eevee!
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By DutchKroket
#56416 This is a awesome server people, I have been with Lessy since he returned with the Anemos server. This is a server thats is allowed to call itself one of the Elite's on the pixelmon forums.

I you have been with the us all the long time, I hope you will stay and be more awesome than you already are.

Another good thing, I have fully returned to this server, I will mainly focus on building, but I have missed everyone so much.

Music that I listened to while writing this and I feel like it belongs with the awesomeness that is HeartSilver


Stay Awesome!
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By Lessy45
#58053 Haha xD @Dutch
That sounds like some tripy music xD
i prefer lances original theme

as for good news well i have good news =D
the gyms are about 55-65% finished =D
comming soon will be our weekly tourneys with higher stakes that you could think of ;D

stay tuned everyone!
also some vids comming soon!