By jmanthunder1
#54901 Mewmon is an epic pixelmon survival server thats 24/7,
lag free, many interesting plugins, and takes fun to a whole new limit.
Your starter kit consists of An iron pick, iron hammer, 2 rare candies,
10 potions, 16 pokeballs, 5 great balls, and 2 ultra balls.We have about 10 active
players considering the server is new and we are willing to take
any amount of players possible. This server is dedicated and has great
staff.We will not tolerate greifing, hacking, duping, exploiting,etc. Thank you for giving a minute of your time
to read this. Now give an hour or 7 of your time on our server :D. Hope to see you there!
By sinfer12
#55682 I was wondering if you guys need any builders and/or gym leaders. I have been a gym leader for another server but I quit the server because of major lag. I love to build and hope you see this! Also, I will check out the server when I get on my laptop :)