By Drth270
#53145 We are happy to invite you too our server pixelcraft
We are still working on a few town's
There are gym's,elite four and a champion
It is in survival mode, you can build you'r own house with protection
Play with you'r friend's and battle with other players to train you'r pokemon and defeat the 8Gym's
To battle the elitefour after you beat the elitefour you need to face the Champion
To become a pokemonMaster

Riding pokemon !

There are. Still spots. Open for gym's
Gym's get creative but no OP
How to apply:
Skype (If there is a problem you can contact us):
What gym you wanna be:
Or come on the server and ask "shadowghost" to apply for gym
That. Is the best way
Be sure to tell you'r friends about the server

I hope you guys like the server
We have many good plugins

I am not the owner of this server

minecraft 1.5.2