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By crazyanthony
#52627 Hello, Welcome to Regioncraft a minecraft pixelmon mod server. This server is currently looking for builders, staff, and coders. Mods needed: mcforge, pixelmon. This server also requires hamachi to join, network ip: MINEFOREVERCRAZY server ip:
Owner: Freetootsale
Co-owner: looking for one
Admins: looking for some
Moderators: looking for some
Builders: looking for some
Coders: looking for some

This server is going to have all regions when done. I will make a new post every time another region is made. Can't wait to see you all in-game.

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By crazyanthony
MikeKostaras wrote:Hey i asked if i can join the hamachi and is there any builder spots left or coder spots left i can help alot with the plugins and more

Hello MikeKostaras. Yes there are some builder and coder spots left you can be either one though I can't make you both. Please let me know which one you want. You sound like your really in to my server and that you want to help out thanks for all your support. Can't wait to see you on the server. Oh and I can't make you a coder or a builder till you come on. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D